Man Risks His Life To Save Dogs From China’s Horrific Dog Meat Trade

Marc Chaing runs a very worthy Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation which aims to find safe and happy homes for abused or abandoned dogs.

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He has run the non-profit organization since 2011 and will go to great measures to ensure the welfare of the dogs that come his way, giving them a chance of a better life. Apart from this haven for dogs, Marc also runs a holistic pet food store by the name of PetStaurant. Not content with the good work he is already doing, Marc regularly goes to Asia to rescue as many dogs as possible from the ongoing underground dog meat trade.

His passion to combat this horrific practice was intensified when in 2015 he came to learn of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival which is an annual event in the tiny city in the People’s Republic of China. It dramatically changed his outlook on a personal level as well as the direction of his foundation. Speaking out about the Yulin festival, Marc said: “The abuse and inhumanity is so brutal out there that it doesn’t compare to anything here in America.”

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He immediately made a visit to China to see the inhumanity for himself. Instantly he realized that he had to take action, being well aware of the cruelty and abuse the animals would suffer. He simply could not ignore the problem and turn his back on the dogs. In the short time since his first visit he has already returned on six occasions and is off on another visit in the near future.

How he operates when he gets there is both interesting and brave. He presents himself as a rich businessman from America wanting to purchase dog meat. He then cons the underground slaughterhouses into allowing him to take live dogs as product samples. Once in his possession, together with a small team, Marc smuggles the poor creatures back to the United States. There he gives them care and love as well as any medical attention they might require.

 The brutal practice is a response to demand, based on the misconception that torturing the dog before slaughter improves the taste of the meat. Estimates by the International Human Society put the number Marc might not be able to save them all but he is certainly making a difference to many of these dogs with his brave and valiant efforts.