This Horse Has Been Rightly Termed The World’s Most Beautiful Horse! Wowwie!

You get some truly magnificent and beautiful horses with many different types around the world.

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There are a number of unique and rare breeds but none as breathtaking as the this rare type of horse that many now call ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’ or Golden Horses. I am referring to the “Akhal-Teke”, a most unusual breed of horse from Turkmenistan. The stunning creature is actually the national emblem of Turkmenistan. The most striking feature is their amazing coat of glimmering blonde.

It actually looks metallic. Not only does it impress with its unique and wonderful appearance but the breed is also known to have great endurance, is super fast and highly intelligent. They are well adapted to severe conditions making them very tough as well. You would not think something that beautiful could also be so strong and powerful. The Akhal-Teke is referred to in China as “horses from heaven…”

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They are so rare that there are only a few thousand in total. The shimmer of their blonde coats is the result of the unusual biological makeup of the actual hairs. Studies have been conducted by scientists and they have worked out that the proteins that make up the hair have a unique structure and arrangement that causes them to refract the light in the same way that a metal surface would.

It is the result of a dilution or cream gene and is what gives them a palomino or golden buckskin color that is so attractive. The breed has a long and fascinating history going back about 3000 years. They were used in attacks by the Turkomen tribesman. Impressed with their performance, the horses were strategically bred with their Pedigree details being passed by word of mouth.

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When the Russian Empire took control of Turkomen in 1881, a Russian General was so impressed by this breed that he started a horse stud farm to breed them. The war took its toll on efforts and the breed suffered, with numbers dropping as low as 1250 at one point. Today there are about 7000 of these magnificent horses, still mostly in Russia. Much crossbreeding has been conducted in attempts to create new lines of fast, beautiful horses.