This New Spider Species Looks Just Like Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat!

If you have ever wondered how scientists come up with really intelligent sounding, scientific names for new species of plants and animals, well this story will blow your hat off.


The newly discovered miniature spider species is scientifically known as Eriovixia Gryffindori. All sounds very academic at fist glance. If however, you are a big Harry Potter fan, the name might just ring a bell. Gryffindor was one of the original wizards and one of the founders of Hogwarts. He was the first to own the hat that the school of wizardry used to select students to be allocated to the various houses.

The newly discovered spider apparently looks very much like the magical sorting hat used at Hogwarts and therefore the scientists from India used the hat as the inspiration for their newly discovered species. Okay, I have to admit, when seen side by side, there is a striking resemblance between the famous hat and the 7mm spider.

Lead author and scientist Javed Ahmed told the Times of India:”We are very excited to have found this new spider whose shape is very similar to the magical sorting hat worn by the wizard (Gryffindor) in Harry Potter,” “As a youngster, I was very fond of reading the Harry Potter books. So, when I encountered this tiny spider, I thought of the magical hat,” he went on to say.

The miniscule arachnid was discovered in the Kans forest area of Western Ghats, Karnataka. The team to make this discovery have been hard at work on their study for the past two years and have already discovered five new species of spider. They published their findings in the Indian Journal of Arachnology. Interesting I am sure but I doubt it will be as riveting a read as the Potter series.

It has a most unusual shape, as you can imagine, with what is described as a sub-triangular abdomen which helps it camouflage itself, blending in with fallen leaves to hide from its predators by day as the spider is nocturnal. JK Rowling expressed delight and honour when Ahmed shared the news on Twitter.