Cruel Owner Abandons Dog In The Middle Of Nowhere Then Sees This On Facebook

It seems that man does not always treat man’s best friend that well. Despite despicable treatment, they still stay loyal. This is what happened in California recently when a dog was abandoned on the side of the road with no food or water.


There the loyal dog remained for days on end despite the lack of food and freezing conditions. He was left to die. Fortunately for Banjo, he was found by Brooke Rapozo who wrote a hard hitting open letter to the beast that did this. The letter quickly went viral with more than 1.1 million views. Brooke was one of the officers that saved the poor dog. She said despite his condition it still took hours of persuading to get the dog to go with them.

The post has lead to offers of assistance from all around the world. The letter Brooke wrote starts: ‘Dear The Callous POS [piece of s**t] owner of this dog. ‘Today we noticed a couple of emails from people that had noticed your dog that had been abandoned … We decided to drive over and see if we could help. Sure enough there he was. ‘He hadn’t left the place you made him stay.’

‘He was being a good dog. He stayed close to the last place he saw his favorite person in the world. He thought you were coming back. He was watching every car that would come down the road hoping it was you coming back for him. Your dog has been freezing, hungry, and scared for days because you are a heartless piece of crap.

“He waited for you,” the letter went on “He was so hungry that he was eating sticks. Nice people had stopped to drop off food but he was still so hungry and confused. But even with food sitting in front of him he knew he had to wait for you to come back. He waited for you.

No holding back from Brooke from the Kings RSPCA in California there. The story that has touched the world at least has a heart-warming and happy ending. Updates from the shelter say that Banjo is happy and doing well.