Stray Dog Kept Following This Soldier… Then He Found His Forever Loving Home!

There is no doubt that marines, as well as all soldiers, make huge sacrifices and face constant risks in their daily life while deployed. Craig Grossi took a whole new type of risk while on his second tour in Afghanistan in 2009.


Shortly after a few days of intense fighting in a rather risky remote area in Afghanistan, Grossi came across something rather unexpected. When the bullets and rockets had died down, Grossi noticed a stray dog, white in color with large tan spots. Normally known to travel in packs, this poor fellow was completely alone.


Despite regulations that forbid Marines to interact with dogs, Grossi simply could not resist. He offered the abandoned dog some beef jerky and an instant bond developed. The dog immediately became part of the team of elite Marines and was named Fred.


Grossi told reporters: “He was a loner. That was one of the interesting things about him. He found a way to make it work. He resisted the urge to become a part of a pack; life would have been easier for him if he had, but he chose a different path. He chose to be kind.”


Grossi was called back to base and had a very difficult decision to make. He decided to let Fred give him a sign and decided that if Fred would follow him to the helicopter, something that would terrify most dogs, he would make a plan to take him with. Well, the helicopter arrived and Fred stood by his new master, following him to the helicopter. The Marine decided to risk everything to sneak the dog back, even risking a chance of jail time.


Fred was put into a duffel bag and smuggled back to base. There they were fortunate to meet Peter, a DHL worker who agreed to assist in getting Fred back to the United States. Before anything could be finalized, Grossi was redeployed, back to the front line. Peter kindly agreed to look after Fred while Grossi was away. What was supposed to be a short trip took a tragic turn when Grossi was injured in the line of duty, suffering damage to his brain.


When he eventually came out of hospital, he was reunited with Fred to both of their delight. A chance meeting with a fellow Marine gave Grossi a means to get Fred back to the States and both are now happy and healthy with an incredible bond. Fred still gets to enjoy a treat of beef jerky every now and then.