Greedy Dog Ruins Christmas By Eating The Family’s Entire Turkey Before Lying On The Side Unable To Move!

It Christmas day, everyone has gathered and are all looking forward to a scrumptious lunch. There is only one problem. While the family were not paying attention, their dog ate the entire meal.


Sounds like something out of a story but this is exactly what happened to David Barrett and his family when their five-year-old Chi Apso, Bubba, decided to devour the entire turkey before the family had even had a taste. So much for the idea of man’s best friend. The engorged hound then lay down, full and exhausted after its massive meal.

It lay there unable to move while David took some photographs which he shared to Twitter. David is from Prestwick in South Ayrshire and the now infamous Bubba is a Chi Apso which is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Lhasa Apso. The food had all been prepared, ready for Christmas day, or so they thought.

Bubba got into the kitchen without anyone noticing and promptly are the entire bird. The family were blissfully unaware and only suspected something when Bubba lay bloated on the floor, too full to move. The pictures and amusing story that David posted to Twitter soon went viral with over 24,000 likes and close on 10,000 re-tweets.


At least they got something out the experience, if not a great Christmas lunch. All that was left of the meal that was more than enough for three was a small part of the turkey breast. ‘No chance has my dog scranned the whole turkey for tomorrow,’ a gob smacked David tweeted before posting the picture. Posting a picture of the evidence, he Tweeted: ‘There’s the culprit, she can’t move.’

You see the stuffed dog lying motionless on the floor looking rather sorry for himself. ‘She’s the same shape as the turkey!’ on of David’s amused flowers commented on the Tweet. Fortunately for David and the family, as well as Bubba I am assuming, family saved the day and rushed around with another turkey.

So, at least all four occupants of the house could have a satisfying Christmas day meal, not just the family pet.