Young Woman Dies Trying To Save Her Beloved Cats From House Fire

We often see missing cat posters around. In days gone bye, they would normally pop up on lampposts and neighborhood trees.

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These days you are more likely to come across them on Social Media, places like Facebook. That was the case when Yumi Wu from Taiwan posted an appeal on Facebook, desperately looking for her niece’s missing cat, Duoduo. Behind the missing cat post was a heartbreaking story. Yueh-ling Tsai, 23, Yumi Wu’s niece, lived in a house with her two cats. She loved her two cats like children.

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When the house somehow caught alight early Tuesday morning, Yueh-ling Tsai managed to escape safely. However, when she discovered her cats were missing, she ran back into the blazing house in an attempt to rescue them. Witnesses on the scene reported watching Tsai exit the house before running back in. A team of more than 100 firefighters, using 12 fire trucks battled the raging fire for over half an hour before getting it under control. When the flames had eventually been tamed and there was no further danger, the firefighters entered the building.

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Sadly, inside the burnt out house, they discovered Tsai’s lifeless body, holding one of her cats. The family soon realized that her other cat, “Duoduo” was not around. Certain that the second cat had survived; they started to search the surrounding neighborhood. After the search was unsuccessful, the aunt took to Facebook to locate the missing cat. In the post, she explained that finding the missing feline would allow Tsai to rest in peace and offer the rest of the family the opportunity to start the healing process and relax a bit.

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In a happier note in this otherwise sad story, the missing Duoduo was found two days after the Facebook post. Although she had a few minor burns, the cat was alive and well. According to vets she is in good spirits and doing well. Wu later said that the family will take of Duoduo for the rest of her life. Hopefully, it will give them some memory after their tragic loss. Clearly, Duoduo had not used up all of her nine lives just yet.