This Dog With Two Noses Only Wanted A Loving Family Who Will Understand Him

Most of you have heard the old one about the dog with no nose. When asked how he smells, the owner replied “awful.”


Well, this particular dog, now known as Gates does not have that problem. He has two noses, we at least that’s how it looks. Suffering from a fairly rare but contagious disease known as Parovirus, Gates appears to have two noses. There is no complete cure for the condition but with treatment the dog can recover and live a normal and happy life. Sadly his owners were not prepared to deal with the situation when they discovered the then 7-month old boxer/pit bull cross had this condition.


They gave the dog over to the care of the Lexington Humane Society. He was soon a very happy, content dog. The disease is a congenital nose deformation that appears to be two separate noses whereas it is still just one actual nose. Gates is still with the Lexington Humane Society and is a friendly, playful puppy, just looking for the right loving home. Anyone interested in adopting this lovable dog is urged to contact the society. “Fortunately, Lexington Humane Society has an excellent parvo survival rate, so Gates was in good hands,” Digital communications coordinator at the Lexington Humane Society, Emily Tolliver told reporters.


“He came through his illness just fine thanks to our hard working medical team.” “He does have a congenital nose abnormality, so his nose is split straight down the middle,” said Tolliver “It gives the impression of having two noses, but it’s actually just one! He has two nostrils and everything functions just as it should.” Apart from a slightly different appearance, he is an otherwise normal, playful and loving puppy. Trollivwe explained: “He is a very sweet and playful boy,” adding. “He loves, loves, loves to cuddle and get lots of attention.”


Development Coordinator Ashley Marcum told reporters: “Our adoption manager, in 16 years, has never seen a puppy or a dog come to our facility that looks like him. So he’s pretty rare for us.” In a happy ending for this cute fellow, Gates has been adopted by a loving family and is due to be picked up soon.