Truck Driver Checks His Tires And Finds An Unexpected Surprise

A truck driver in Namibia, an arid country on the west coast of Southern Africa, got the surprise of his life when he discovered a baby aardvark fast asleep next to the tires of his truck.


The aardvark is a curious creature, native to Africa. It is a nocturnal, burrowing mammal with a long pig-like snout. Not the prettiest creatures on earth but wait until you see the tiny hairless babies. They normally use their powerful legs and sharp claws to dig a protective burrow for the young, this one must have wandered off when mom wasn’t looking. The poor creature was only two months old.


The truck driver looked for the mother but she was nowhere to be seen. Not knowing what else to do, the driver took the infant aardvark to the ZURI orphanage. Everyone fell in love with the odd creature immediately. “It was love at first sight for me,” founder of the organization and local vet, Dr. Erika de Jager told reporters.


Appropriately, the tiny aardvark was named E.T. He certainly did look like a creature from outer space. E.T. was given what he needed most, lots of love and attention. “It is a full-time job, much like a [human] baby,” de Jager said, “They need to be fed every couple of hours”.


Eventually, E.T. was slowly introduced to shelter’s rescue dogs, Zarah and Spokie. Somewhat skeptical and bewildered initially, the dogs could not quite work this odd creature out. Soon, they accepted him as one of their own.


“If the dogs went for a walk, ET was with them,” said de Jager “I don’t think ET realized he was an aardvark. I think he just assumed he was a dog.” Who could blame him? Five months into his stay at the rescue centre, the now 7-month-old E.T. was released into the wild where he belongs.


He was now old enough to fend for himself. The young aardvark had other plans, however and continues to “comes home every night” to visit de Jager, his human ‘mom’.


Clearly, a strong bond was established.