For 22 Years This Man Has Continued To Feed Stray Cats Without Missing A Single Day!

I am sure that you would agree that 22 years is a long time to look after some animals. Scrap metal worker Willie Oritz has been loyally feeding the local feral cats for the past 22 years.


The 76-year-old from Hartford, Connecticut makes use of his own money to provide food for the 70 odd cats and never once missed a day. He drives his minivan down to the cat colonies at about 7pm every evening. As he stops and exits the van, he starts to talk to them and the mass of cats come running for their nightly treat.


 During the day, Willie hunts around for scraps of discarded metal which he sells. He uses that money to purchase the daily cat food. I can only imagine the amount of food needed for the 70 or so cats. He also sells the odd item on Craigslist for extra money. Willie, who is originally from Puerto Rico, began his mission in 1995 when he witnessed a cat begging for food. He has been at it ever since.


A lady by the name of Kathleen Schlentz has started a GoFundMe page for Willie and the many cats he cares for. Schlentz maintains that Willie is doing a great service. According to Schlentz, Willie visits 16 different cat colonies every single day. Whenever he comes across a sick or injured cat, he ensures that it gets medical attention.


He is aware of all of the cats in each colony and when a new one enters, he manages to trap them and get them neutered or spayed. His single-handed crusade is certainly making a difference for the stray cats in Hartford. Although the feral cats are a large problem, Willie is taking proactive steps to help them as well as control the problem by getting them spayed and neutered.


Some people, however, are still not happy with has actions and complain. “People ask me why I feed them every day, or tell me I feed them too much,” Ortiz said. “You eat every day, no? You get three meals; they eat once every 24 hours.” He says he will continue doing this for as long as he can.