These Cops Went To An Animal Shelter For The Most Incredible Reason!

Pit bulls often have a bad reputation for being aggressive, dangerous dogs. They have been labelled as vicious killers that can not be trusted, especially with children.


Certainly they are very strong dogs, capable of fighting and displays of great strength. If trained and raised correctly, they can be faithful, loving companions with no outward aggression unless called for. Some police departments have realised the value of using Pit Bulls as police dogs and they are adopting abandoned Pit Bulls from animal shelters rather than buying them from breeders.


There are a number of groups that are involved in the process of training these dogs and getting them ready for their role as police dogs. It is a joint effort between the Animal Farm Foundation, Universal K9 and Austin Pets Alive! They all bring unique skills to the table to give the dogs balanced training and ensure they are 100% ready and prepared for the required task.


When purchased from breeders, normal police dogs such as a trained German Shepherd or a Belgian dog can set the police departments back in the region of $10,000 to $15,000 each. Granted, they are already trained but that is a lot more expensive than getting a dog from a shelter, which also has the advantage of saving a rescuing an abandoned animal.


So the police department are able to get the dogs for next to nothing and then train them specifically for their needs. They also train them to be detective K9’s as well. The rescued pit bulls are specially trained to sniff and detect narcotics, explosives and cadavers. They are also able to detect arson detection. Sometime the dogs are also used in hostile situations where the dogs chase after the criminal and apprehend them.


Founder of Universal K9, Brad Croft, says that any dog that is motivated and has confidence can be trained and be a useful work dog. Austin Pets Alive! says that you can not treat all types of dogs in the same way, they have different need and you need to adapt accordingly.