Neighbor’s Dog Started Digging A Pile Of Garbage. What She Uncovers? Heartbreaking

There is nothing unusual in seeing a dog or other animal digging around in and scavenging through trash bags. If you saw it you wouldn’t even think twice about it. It is amazing what they sometimes come across in the trash.


When Novo Horizonte, a police officer in Brazil, noticed his neighbour’s dogs digging around and rooting through a pile of trash bags that has been piled up, awaiting collection from the trash collectors, he thought nothing of it. He noticed what they were doing but simply ignored it as it is nothing unusual. He went out for a while and when he returned, the dogs were still at it, still busy around the trash. When he took a closer look, he realised what the dog had actually discovered.


One look at the photographs and it will melt even the coldest of hearts. He realised it was not trash that the dogs were after. Initially, he thought it might be a dead kitten that they had found. What it turned out to be was a puppy. A tiny, living, adorable puppy. The assumption is that some heartless person dumped the small puppy and abandoned it to die amongst the trash. When they tried to take the puppy away from the older dog, it got upset and started to whine.


They decided to let the dog look after the puppy and to ‘babysit’ while Horizonte called Marco Antonio Rodrigues who is a local animal rescuer. The puppy was still extremely young and would need professional care. Rodrigues made use of social media to reach out and look for someone who had a dog that could assist in feeding the young pup. Fortunately, someone had a dog that was producing milk and they were more than happy to help.


They agreed to take the pup in and foster it while their dog could give it much needed milk and nourishment, not to mention a bit of love and tlc. The sad and frustrating aspect of the story is that the evil person that committed this horrendous act of throwing the newborn pup into the rubbish and left it to die will most likely never be found.


Fortunately, the cute puppy was found and between the hard work of the dogs and humans, they managed to save it and get it to a place where it could be helped.