This Dog Returned To The Shelter 11 Times. Then Rescuers Discovered The Unbelievable

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Well, for Gumby the rescue dog it seems he has learnt a new a new trick and is getting quite good at it.

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Gumby is a 7-year-old rescue dog that landed up at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS). As with all dogs that come in, they tried to find him a loving home. The only problem is, every time they did this, and they did it a few times, Gumby had other plans. He soon became known as the Houdini dog as every time he was adopted out, he would escape and make his was back to CAS.

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The Director of Community and Engagement for the Charleston Animal Society, Kay Hyman shared a photo of the dog on her Facebook page. In the photo, Gumby is pictured happily lying among what is left of a pillow that he recently ripped to pieces. His antics have become infamous as his record now sits at an amazing eleven returns to the CAS shelter. His breakdown counts the 8 times he surrendered himself to the shelter and 3 occasions he was found as a stray.

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This after the shelter managed to adopt him out 7 times. The hard working staff at the shelter tried everything they could think of to find him a forever home where he would be happy. Clearly, the only place he really felt at home was at the shelter. They tried getting him to do training sessions with the shelter’s exemplary behavior team, they paired him with a cute female dog hoping the package deal would and the also got him to work with rescue groups.

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No matter what they did, Gumby, aka Houdini would always return to the shelter. The very first adoption they arranged for him he stayed a grand total of three days. The very next one was slightly better when he lasted a full six days. The third time’s a charm they say but not for Gumby, he returned to CAS four times. The staff finally accepted the inevitable and have made the shelter his home. Gumby is now responsible for looking after the new arrivals at CAS and he is doing a great job.