Monsters Poached This Baby’s Mother Leaving Her Scared And Helpless

Meet Mado. Found roaming on her lonesome self, without her mother, in a village in Africa. It is thought that her mother was captured for the exotic pet trade or worse, hunted illegally.


Animals in their natural habitat are not designed for the pet industry and should not be treated so, it is important that their lives and best interests be thought of, thus a more domesticated animal such as a dog or a hamster would be more suited as a pet if you desired one. International trafficking of rare and exotic animals is a thriving business. They are often transported in horrifying conditions and many die along the way.


That is apart from the poor babies that are orphaned and left to fend for themselves. This hapless little chimp’s sole provider and caretaker, her mother, was ripped out of her world living her in solitude. She was found upset, looking for anyone to aid her. Found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a sanctuary and center for rehabilitation called Lwiro Primates. They hurried to Mado’s aid, all thanks to contributions and support from all over the planet. One point to humans!


Mado is now in the safety of their care, whilst Lwiro Primates have told the public that they intend to inform them of Mado’s development.The illegal exotic trading of pets is a serious problem. Adam Roberts, CEO of an organization called Born Free USA, has also said that the majority of wild animals that are ripped from the wild to be profited off in the illegal and exotic trading of pets perish whilst being transported.

What is the moral of the story? Think before you purchase an exotic pet, as you are inversely supporting the trade whether you realize it or not. Around you, there are hundreds of thousands of animals in shelters that would love a home to call their own. Thus there is no need to take a happy, wild animal out of its natural habitat and away from its family just for your enjoyment.