During A Serious Photo Shoot, This K9 Won’t Stop Kissing His Partner!

Look at this great picture, featuring Levi Knach, Conservation officer, and his gallant K9 companion or partner.


Evidently, Kenobi was not very interested in the photographer or the fact that he was supposed to pose for a photo, his only concern was to embrace Knach! This is the picture that the duo had done specifically for the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) – what a jovial pair they do make, showing a loving connection between man and his best friend.


The duo is a part of The Department of Natural Resources enforcement of law agency in Indiana. Here are a few of the gorgeously, hilarious results! Whilst Knach attempts to appear professional, Kenobi is clearly not on the same page. He is just concerned with displaying all his affection for his best friend, Knach!


Alright, alright Knach succumbs to allowing Kenobi to one fast kiss in order to get a decent photo afterward which is not what the K9 had in mind at all. Adjusting his hat in preparation for a proper photo Knach composes himself again but yet again Kenobi dives in for another smooch, and another and another.


Eventually, the photographer was able to capture a photo when Kenobi was not showering Knach with affection, and what a magnificent photo it turned out to be. So very proper. But of course, all the other hilarious pictures have gone viral and it’s not very hard to understand why.


Officer of the K9 unit, like Kenobi, generally have brilliant relationships with their partners or handlers. Being a relationship consisting of trust, love, and loyalty as its building blocks. Their day to day duties being to trained to detect any criminal work and wildlife that have been taken illegally and of course in rescue and search.


Kenobi clearly has small dog syndrome, thinking he can sit on Knach’s lap. It’s so refreshing to witness that the lifestyle of a K9 is not only restricted to work and that there is some play. When adorable photos like these go viral it makes lots of people around the continent so happy!