Heartbroken Baby Elephant Watches As Mom Gets Shot By Poachers

Losing someone you love is a horror that no one wants to even imagine, unfortunately for Zongoloni – a baby elephant in Kenya – he has lost someone he loves. His mother.


In September 2013, Zongoloni’s mother was unforgivingly shot for her tusks, this 18 months old baby elephant shouldn’t have to grow up without a mother. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service Tsavo Mobile Veterinary Unit were dispatched to the scene to aid the wounded elephant. Then they arrived and immediately got to work and were able to help her relieving the pain, but hopes weren’t high that she’d survive much longer.


The bullet – embedded deep in her bone made it difficult to remove. It wasn’t looking good. After many antibiotics and painkillers, all that was left to do was hope that she improved. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as after two weeks she collapsed and was unable to stand again, her baby calf stayed by her side refusing to leave her mother. It wasn’t long until she also became weak, and tired.


By the time the rescue team arrived it was too late to help her. Why had the beautiful creature been killed, ivory, she was killed for her ivory tusks. Zongoloni was taken to an elephant nursery to live with other elephants who’d lost their parents the exact same way. Zongoloni was left orphaned by poachers and this made it hard for her to get close to the other.


The staff worked day and night to help her become a true member of the herd and to help her heal the emotional wounds the poachers left her with. It’s been a long four years but she’s now bonded with the others and they are a herd that will hopefully be reunited with the wild someday. It’s unfortunate that this is the world that we live in, where some people take little to no regard for life be that of an animal or human.


No one deserves to lose their mother, especially not to murder for their ivory. Life is life and no one has the right to take that away from another.