This Poor Carriage Horse Was So Exhausted He Literally Collapsed On The Road

On Tuesday morning in Central Park, New York City, a carriage horse named Max collapsed. This poor carriage horse clearly shouldn’t have been working, but that doesn’t stop carriage owners from continuing until they can’t work anymore.


People walking by snapped pictures of Max after he collapsed and they caught the eye of an advocacy group called NYCLASS who wants to see the end to carriage horses in New York City. Chris Emanus, the driver of the carriage, responded quickly to the concerns, saying that Max simply tripped on a crack. He continued to say that this is a regular occurrence with horses.


Jill Carnegie, an NYCLASS spokesperson didn’t accept the explanation provided by Emanus. Witness say that Max was having breathing difficulties before stumbling and collapsing. Carnegie has stated that this isn’t the first incident, many incidents go unreported, horses collapse all the time. The other question is If Max did trip like Emanus said then why did he lie down if he did trip he should have gotten up.


The life of a carriage horse is rough, they never asked for this, working nine hours a day nonstop, breathing in the fumes from cars, having to deal with noise and walking through traffic. Horses are not afforded protection under the federal Animal Welfare Act, this puts the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of local animal-control.


This has been going on for many years, horses which are sensitive and skittish animals are forced into hard labor. It’s a hard life they live, they’re forced to work in harsh conditions no matter what, as long as they are breathing and walking they can work, knowing that they have such lonely lives is heartbreaking. These horses are wasting away doing a job they don’t even want, working for selfish people who believe animals are property and nothing more.


We realize that it’s fun, romantic etc to go on a carriage ride but consider what you’re supporting and tell us if you still think it’s worth it. For animals, this world is a cruel place, bread to die, bread to be a slave. They’ll never live a life that we strive to live.