Pit Bull Who Mauled A Boy To Save His Life Will Not Be Euthanized

Buddy the pitbull will not be put down for attempting to rescue a nine-year-old who was thrown in the Murray River by his mother.


Buddy who’s believed to have dragged a nine-year-old boy to safety after attempting to drown him has been released back to his owners. The NSW said they’ve got no intention of put him down as they believe he was only trying to help the boy. The mother has been charged with murder and attempted murder. General interim manager for the council Margot Stork, had this to say in her press release ‘Since the incident, we have micro chipped the dog and are working with the dog’s owner to register the dog and set up the appropriate conditions to enable the dog to return home.’


After the events of last Thursday where two kids were thrown into the river by their mother, killing the five-year-old and seriously injuring the nine-year-old it became the community’s concern over the welfare of Buddy, the dog involved. The events of last Thursday, where a five year old boy lost his life, a nine year old was hospitalised is a tragedy in every sense of the word. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family, as well as the first responders who attended the scene. However it wasn’t long before he was released with the NSW Police saying that he was most likely handling the scene.


Buddy’s owner created their very own GoPetition to gain support over the seized dog. Buddy’s owners created a GoPetition last week after he was seized, according to the Riverine Herald. ‘Buddy the dog has reacted and attempted to save the boys in doing so he has bit the eldest boy in his rescue attempts, unfortunately, he was unable to save the youngest boy and has also bit the mother, Buddy is a member of our family and has grown up around children his whole life and has been the most gentlest dog, he has clearly seen a child in distress and attempted to help.’


Even the grandfather of the two young boys said this in support of the petition; ‘I own a similar dog and I know he was trying to save the boys, it’s their nature when they are raised with kids. Let the ones who his actions affected decide. I have one grandson left, because this brave dog took action as required.’