Cat Goes Out To Play And Comes Back Several Hours Later With A… Kitten?!

It’s a tale as old as time. Child meets animal, child wants said animal, child utters the same old words we all expect; “Can I keep it, Mom?”


Treating the situation like fate, like they were meant to meet, they’ve found their new friend. The whole situation is familiar to us, we all know it from experience of stories. In this case, it’s almost the same situation, but it wasn’t the same it wasn’t a child adopting a new friend, it’s a cat. Posey experienced child birth very young, giving birth to a litter of kittens.


Claudia Wright – the owner of Posey and her kittens – said that after the kittens were gone her cat Posey seemed lonely. One day the four-year-old cat got up and went out and when it came back it brought with it a new kitten to take care of. The new kitten was named Meesy and was about seven-weeks-old when Posey brought her home. Claudia recalls her Posey overflowing with pride for bringing Meesy into their home.


Claudia, however, couldn’t just claim ownership over Meesy, so she embarked on a mission to find out who this lovely little kitten belonged to. The neighbours had no idea whose cat it was, the majority assumed she’d gotten lost and separated from her mother, and that’s why Posey found her and brought her back.


The new kitten needed to be bottle fed, it took nearly no convincing from Posey for Claudia to allow Meesy to stay. Besides, who could tell this adorable creature that wouldn’t survive otherwise that it’s time to go? Claudia says that Meesy and Posey are happy together and it’s as if they adopted each other. They make each other happy and that is what’s important, family.


The two cats were both lost but now they have a loving forever home with food, water, shelter etc and an owner who loves them. She came back from the abyss and Posey got to be a mother again. It’s in all this that we reflect what makes everything better and what makes us happier and for them it’s each other and they’re so lucky to have each other.