This Stork Flies Thousands Of Miles Every Year To Be With His Injured Soulmate!

Love know no boundaries and no one is impervious to the effect another can have on you. Malena is a stork who 20 years ago was injured by a hunter.


Malena found herself seeking refuge on a red rooftop in Brodski a village in Croatia. This tore her apart from her true love, Klepetan. Unfortunately, Klepetan has no choice but to do the natural thing which is migration and so every year at the end of August he migrates to South Africa, Africa.


This is needless to say a long distance from his home 8,000 miles away in Croatia where he shares a nest with his love Malena. For five months through fall and winter, Malena waits for his return and every year in March, Klepetan returns. For 15 years this pattern has occurred where he goes to south Africa for migration and returns to be with her, Malena.


The storks have been taken care by Stjepan Vokic, he’s the owner of the roof the storks live on. This year Klepetan come back a month earlier. It’s a known fact that storks don’t usually mate for life however they are prone to returning to the same nest. Vokic has been asked before how he can be so sure that it’s Klepetan who always returns to which he told us; “Klepetan always looks for a bucket of fish in the spring.”


Vokic usually has the bucket ready by the time Klepetan returns but due to his early return Vokic was taken by surprise and was, therefore, unprepared. Malena and Klepetan share another beautiful thing and that’s 40 baby storks. They’ve raised them over the many years they’ve been together. In Croatia Klepetan and Malena are a power-couple.


They’re well known and well loved. Their odd little love story has inspired some. Every year he travels far across the world to migrate, going over the Iraqi deserts, Sinai, Somalia, the horn of Africa, finally getting to Africa before returning home a few months later. He’s found his way back home every time, his home is where his heart is and his heart lies with Malena.