Rescuers In Tears When They Saw How This Baby Orangutan Lived Her Days

In this world, there are many acts that cannot be justified. The mistreatment of man and animals is a common factor of our lives and most people sit idly by as others stand up for what is right!


In a village, there’s a lonely orangutan and her name is Amy. Amy lives in a makeshift box that sits on tires. When she was found she was detached and broken from a life that she never asked for, refusing to look at anyone because she didn’t want false hope that today would be the day she’d get to experience the world outside. Amy kept her head down and just held onto a scrap of a dirty cloth, the only thing that she truly knew.


The beautiful and mistreated creature was seven years old when she was found, imprisoned, alone and terrified. She’d long given up on life just waking up each day living life on repeat. Amy was chained up which make you understand why she’d given up. This poor orangutan couldn’t even stand up properly, the crate was too small. The IAR (International Animal Rescue) spokesperson stated that when they found Amy she was distant, she possessed a blank gaze with sullen eyes that reflected years of loneliness and emptiness.


One of the veterinarian’s, Sulhi Aufa offered his hand to Amy and it took a while but once their eyes met she reached out her hand for his. They allowed Amy to become a little more comfortable with the situation to allow her to fully grasp the freedom before removing the chains. Her eyes showed how badly she needed the help toe escape. Due to her means of captivity, her legs and spine were bent and will take a long time to repair if they repair.


Amy’s owners stated she’d only been in the crate for a few months but all the evidence shows that this is nothing but a lie. In Borneo orangutans don’t have many places to go, their homes are constantly being destroyed for palm oil plantations making these creatures nomadic. So when the orangutans go in search of food they are often shot and killed or taken in as pets when they wander near a village.


Amy’s life in captivity is over and it will take time but she will survive this horrible ordeal.