This Dog Thinks She’s The Mother Of These Rescue Goats And Can’t Stop Cuddling Them!

There’s a beautiful happy golden retriever somewhere in this world… okay, there are a lot of them but I’m talking about Loryn.


Her entire life she’s helped his mom taking care of other animals where she lives on the farm. Loryn’s human mom, Andrea Holley has said that her beautiful golden retriever has always taken care of any and all baby animals and treating them as she would her own. Recently Loryn fell in love with baby goats named Daisy Mat, Delilah, Henry, and Mia who recently arrived on the farm.


They touched more than her heart, more than any animal before. Holley has said that goats are easy going and they immediately took a liking to Loryn and spend all day with them. A ‘typical day’ for the loving dog and her goats is some games of chasing, napping and cuddling. Apparently, they’re watched but they chained the words.


Daisy Mae and Delilah have found a permanent home on the farm. When they arrived they were cute little goats, that still need a bottle end attention. Every dog serves a purpose, protection, friendship, companionship and aiding in a spiritual trip. Loryn is the dedicated canine momma! Holley says that Loryn will help round up the baby goats if they are playing outside. It is as if Loryn thinks the baby goats are her very own! Loryn is such a friendly dog, who takes in animals with no complaints.


DNA doesn’t make a family – it is the love you have for each other in your heart that makes a family. Loryn clearly loves her little family very much and it shows. She takes in so many orphans and on the farm, she’s able to live a somewhat peaceful life. We live in such a treacherous world where most people and creatures don’t get along. This story is heartwarming as it shows that no matter who or what you are, we should be able to at least try getting along.


If we were all like Loryn we’d live in a different world… a much better world that’s for sure.