Loving Cat Spots Distressed Boy And Decides To Become His Guardian Angel

Cats have a notorious reputation for being somewhat nasty animals when they want to be. This isn’t always true, some cats like to show their love by cuddling not all do but some do this.


There’s a heartfelt story about a seven-year-old boy and his three-week-kitten and how they’re the best of friends. Selena’s family fosters mother cats and their kittens. There is one condition however and that is that the kittens aren’t able to live with them forever and need to be fostered off. This is so they can take in more mothers in need.


It seems however that one tiny ball of fluff changed the family’s mind, and broke the golden rule. Jonhathon, Selena’s son, suffers from mood and anxiety disorder and his new foster kitten may be the guardian angel he needed. It was beautiful, Zenawell a tiny kitten, got up and spotted Jonhathon from across the room. Zenawell got up and staggered over to the little boy before settling in his lap.


This made Jonhathon smile from ear to ear. The two are as thick as thieves, two peas in a pod… they’re inseparable. Jonhathan needs Zenawell as much as she needs him. When she’s scared she clings to him. Selena had to throw out the rule about not keeping any of the kittens when she saw the improvement in her son’s anxiety. This little beautiful creature meant so much to her son and it showed.


Selena said that this cat will do just about to help her son when he’s in need when he’s sad and crying. What makes it even better is that this fluffy cat isn’t afraid of Jonhathon when he’s anxious, she’s there and she knows what to do to comfort him. A lot of people suffer from mood related issues as well as anxiety. Jonhathon is one of the lucky ones to have found something that helps him cope with it.


These two are lucky to have found one another as not only does Jonhathon have a friend for life but so does his little fur ball Zenawell and isn’t that what’s most important.