Woman Finds Abandoned Suitcase In The Park And Opens To See Heartbreaking Scene

It’s nothing out of the ordinary, seeing an old, worn out suitcase lying on the grass. It lies there with other items of trash, and most people wouldn’t give it a second, thought.


Sara Baumer saw the suitcase while she was taking her walk and something just told her to have a closer look at the item in question.  The suitcase wasn’t just lying on the side of the road, it was actually in the middle of the park. Sara didn’t think much of it until she began thing that a noise was coming from inside the suitcase. To her surprise when she opened it she found a litter of twelve little black kittens.


These beautiful little creatures were dumped and abandoned, left to likely die if she had not found them. Sara immediately sprang into action getting the kittens to the vet. Besides them being thirsty and hungry as well as flees the kittens weren’t in awful shape. If Sara hadn’t walked past when she did these kittens would’ve eventually died from starvation or dehydration.


It’s unfortunate to know that the monster behind this act of abandonment will never be brought to justice. Things could have also been a lot worse but like it was said before she found them just in time. The vet she gave them too ensured they all found loving homes. We urge you when you’re looking for a new addition to the family consider adoption.


Young or old, there are so many deserving animals who want a home they can call home forever, with people they can love for the rest of their lives. A lot of animals are rescued from abusive situations, or saved from neglect, or like these kittens were abandoned. It’s always nice to get a cute kitten or puppy but what really is amazing is when you give an animal who was given absolutely no love what so ever, what they deserve a warm home.


The statistics are unfortunately way worse than you’d imagine as to how many dogs and cats a year are abandoned, left behind, abused, starved etc. When they’re saved they can’t be kept forever and so they end up being euthanized which happens far too often. You can change this, adopt today.