This Is What Dog Fighters Do To Prepare Dogs For Dog Fighting And It Has To Stop.

The world we live in would often surprise you with how some human beings are so despicably cruel. Dog fighting is something that sees many animals mercilessly mutilated not only by their opponents but also their ‘owners’.


Dogs are taken from the streets, homes or raised from birth to be killing machines, or bait in this sick and twisted sport. A common practice in the violent and cruel sport is to wrap rubber bands around the ears of dogs. Why, though? Simply put, it is so they can cut the dog’s ears off so that it’s more difficult for the dog opponents to grab them. It becomes easier to do when the tissue dies.


Kelly Chickos rescue dogs as much as they can and when they heard about this poor abused puppy, they couldn’t think of anything they’d rather do. Nikki is a beautiful pitbull which are often dogs favoured for dogfighting. She was found in Florida in 2011 tied to a tree with rubber bands around her ears. Kelly wanted to adopt this puppy and give the home she deserved.


At first sending care packages to the pup, who emotionally wasn’t ready for a home at the time. She sent toys, treats and even a homemade cover for her damaged ears. In just under a week, Nikki was ready to enter a proper home environment filled with love and kindness. Kelly was beyond excited and was thrilled that the care packages helped. Although starting with a heartbreaking story that she probably didn’t understand she now lives a healthy life.


What is even more beautiful is that even with her cruel upbringing she remains a kind and gentle soul. Pitbull’s have a nasty reputation for being violent death machines, but Nikki is proof that even pit bulls thrown into horribly violent situations can be compassionate. The unfortunate part of this story is that Nikki isn’t the first and won’t be the last animal used and abused in this sport that needs to end.


It’s a disgusting activity that sees animals being tortured to become their worst selves, imprisoned by monsters and trained to become monsters.