This Cat Has Voluntarily Taken Up A Job At A Vet’s Office – He’s Now A Responsible Feline!

In Colorado, there’s a vet where a lovely cat named Ron resides. Rescued from a feral cat colony when he was only three months old.


Luna, Harry and Hermione – all of whom are Ron’s siblings, someone clearly went nuts with the Harry Potter theme – were taken to the Northfield Veterinary Hospital. At first, Ron was afraid, he didn’t want to come out and over time this changed. He began getting more comfortable and became friendlier and more interested in the other animals around him.


Ron was seemingly on a new mission and that was to help others like him to not be afraid. Co-Owner and veterinarian, Shelly Sandel, has said that the lovely ginger cat attempts to crawl into their cages or be on the exam table with them to comfort the other patients.


Ron took on a job that was self-appointed becoming a goodwill ambassador of the clinic taking his job incredibly seriously! Ron even snuggled with animals while they had their procedures. There are some days, however, where the staff need Ron somewhat more than the patients do.


Sandel says that watching Ron just being Ron is something special, he takes it all so seriously to ensure the patients aren’t afraid like he was in the beginning. He grooms some of the animals while they are sleeping. After a picture on facebook was shared of Ron lying on a dog undergoing a procedure he’s been in high demand. People are wanting Ron for their pets.


Ron’s only been at the clinic for about three and a half months and wasn’t adopted but I think he’s found his forever home. He’s somewhere, where he’s happy and feels loved and needed. He’s somehow fine-tuned his nurturing skills to help animals and humans feel at ease. It’s so heart-warming and incredible to think this cat has the ability to do this.


What makes it better is how Ron doesn’t even realise how much people and animals need him. We could all take a page from this beautiful ginger cats book of kindness and be like more like him, compassionate towards those who need warmth.