Woman’s Life Changes Completely After She Rescues Stray Blind Cat

Jasmine the calico cat had a rough life on the streets. As a stray, she faced many difficulties and challenges. With no food or shelter, let alone love and care, life must have been difficult for the poor cat.


What made things even more difficult is that Jasmine was blind. She is an adorable, fluffy cat with big black eyes surrounded by a yellow rim. Unfortunately, she was completely blind. This must have made life as a stray particularly difficult. Fortunately, the Association Adoption Feline came across the suffering feline and took her in.


She was placed in a foster home but really needed a more permanent, loving place to call home. Jasmines luck was improving. The Association Adoption Feline posted a picture of the cat on their Facebook page and the post immediately caught the attention of Sandra Coudray and her mother. “She stole my heart right at that instant,” Coudray said after seeing the post.


Sandra and her mother were instantly taken with the cat. In the past, they had a pet cat that gradually became blind as it aged. Initially, Jasmine was fearful of human and could not be around other animals. It was obviously traumatized by the hardships she had endured on the streets. Once she was settled and receiving a bit of love and attention, she slowly came around and now is a loving, affectionate cat.


“I immediately wanted to adopt her knowing that she was blind as I previously lived with a cat who had become blind with age,” Coudray told reporters. “Last time I went to Normandy for a few days to see my family and left her in the care of my brother. She waited for me on my bed most of the day every day. Now she can not do without us, and we can’t do without her. She brings us so much joy and love.”


So, after a tough and sad life on the streets, Jasmine now has a roof over her head, food, medical care and most importantly, love.