Airlines Refuses Dog On The Plane So Family Makes Horrible Decision

After an airline told the Urusov family that their dog, Tori, wasn’t allowed on the plane they made a horrible decision. Tori spent years with the family and was loved by their children right up until the very end.


On a flight to Germany, the Urusov family decided to take Tori with but they were told they didn’t have the paperwork needed to board the plane. Alexandra said he’d contact his friend who would come to collect Tori and take her home with him. With this, he walked outside with Tori in her carrier bag. He supposedly intended to do so before realising something that led to his horrible decision.


His flight was leaving soon so he didn’t call the friend at all, instead, he left this poor animal hidden away in a corner locked in her carrier and went to his plane. After leaving Tori and boarding the plane the guilt seemingly ate away at him and he confessed his actions to his family. His children were horrified and worried for their dog and the wife couldn’t take the guilt so she took to a local website, posting a message and praying to god someone would read it and respond.


Oksana said the family was willing to pay any fines that their actions may account just so that someone can locate her and help her. What makes this worse is that they only reported their dog missing after three days. Three days of being possibly alone, in the freezing cold, without food or water. They were too late. Tori was found dead in an unused part of the airport.


Tori died because her beloved owners decided their trip was more important than the life of a poor defenceless animal. If they hadn’t waited three days Tori may very well still be alive. It was also said that Tori was so well hidden that they had to check the CCTV camera’s to ascertain where she may be. This selfish act of cruelty against this poor dog means the Oksana’s will face criminal charges.


Tori deserved better, and now it’s too late to give it to her.