Bed-Ridden Man Perks Up After His Horse Visits Him At The Hospital!

We live a life that can sometimes be too short and has too few wonders. Being in the hospital can be a horrible thing, often being a depressing feeling that looms over you like a storm cloud.


It was in the one hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil that a very sick man named Francisco Mena resided. Suffering from a perforated intestine he was bound to that hospital. Unfortunately, over time he barely improved, actually getting worse. Mena was only getting weaker by the day and depression was beginning to consume him regardless of what medication he was on. He was eating less and eventually was even unable to walk.


The doctors of the Porto Alegre, Brazil hospital believed that what Mena needed was to see his pet. In hopes that it would cheer him up that tried to arrange it but it wasn’t as easy as most cases. You see, Mena’s pet wasn’t a dog or cat but a horse. Some hospitals allow animals to visit their owners in hospitals although it’s rare. It wasn’t going to be easy to get this massive horse in to see his owner. The horse named Esquilador and although getting him in didn’t seem logical or possible they were determined.


On the 65th birthday of Mena, his friends and the kind people at the Porto Alegre hospital made arrangements to have Esquillador brought to the hospital. The horse waited outside for his owner. When Mena come outside to see his horse it was evident from the very moment they laid eyes on each other that it was a great idea. Immediately Mena was happier and his spirits lifted, even his horse seemed happy to see him!


Following Esquilador’s visit, Mena was on a much better path. He continued to improve, began eating again, and even found the strength to walk again. The doctors were shocked by Mena’s drastic changes. Mena is now due to be discharged in under a week. He will soon be home with his beloved horse and family. I doubt the horse even comprehends what it did for Mena and his health.