Woman Browsing Shelter’s Facebook Page Spots Her Missing Cat Up For Adoption!

When Jimmy, the 13-year-old cat went missing Sue Zelitsky thought the worst. Sue and her husband searched for hours and hours trying to find their beloved cat.


Eventually, however, they gave up hope in ever seeing their beloved Jimmy. Jimmy was a playful cat who often went outside, he visited the neighbours, snuck into cars, and joined in on the family walks with the dog. The one common thing that happened was he always came back. One night, however, he didn’t.


After searching far and wide for hours on end, and hanging posters everywhere of their missing cat nothing happened. Two and a half years went by that they had lost hope and accepted that Jimmy was gone. It was hard to admit and accept it but they found a way to do so. Well, one day Sue was on Facebook, she was just casually scrolling through her feed when she came across a post that was hard to ignore.


West Milford Animal Shelter was advertising a cat up for adoption and Sue couldn’t help but notice his uncanny resemblance to her cat Jimmy. She immediately called the shelter. She learnt that the cat was pulled taken in off the streets after a blizzard ten miles away.


After sue and the WMAS exchanged messages she truly believed it may be her Jimmy. Trying not to get her hopes up she took some of Jimmy’s favourite items that he’d recognise. She went with her neighbour who Jimmy used to be close and went to see if this may well be the very same cat who never came home two and a half years ago.


As soon as Zelitsky laid eyes on the cat in question, it was undeniable that it was indeed Jimmy. She walked over and gave her a head-butt. Zelitsky broke down, crying tears of joy, as she couldn’t believe she’d finally found her precious Jimmy again. Not long after that, her husband arrived to be greeted the same way, with a head-butt. Jimmy is a fifteen-year-old cat now, and he’s making up for lost time! The family’s dog is happy to see him and Jimmy even has his hands full with two new kitten siblings.