Dying Woman Has Just One Wish – That All Her Pups Find Loving Homes

The most important thing on Gloria Gutierrez mind after doctors had diagnosed her with terminal cancer was the future of her rescue dogs, all six of them.


Gloria was placed into hospice care but she was more concerned about the future of her ‘babies ’ than her own plight. She needed to be sure that Light, Brandy, Mega, Muñeca, Vera and Bruno would looked after when her time came. Gloria had taken in the poor rescue dogs over the years and gave them a safe, loving environment after they had been abandoned.


Fortunately, San Antonio, Texas based God’s Dog Rescue is proving Gloria with assistance in finding suitable home for the 6 dogs when she passes. The dogs had all be taken in by Gloria after they had been found abandoned on the streets of San Antonio Of the six dogs, Muñeca’s history was probably the saddest. She had been left alone after her owner had been sent to jail. All alone and fending for herself, Muñeca was then hit by a car.


This left her paralyzed. Unable to use her back legs, they drag behind her as she gets around. Vickie Esparza, Gloria’s daughter, tells reporters that when they found Muñeca timidly hiding under a trailer home, she had severe mange and was in a poor state. The locals had been throwing rocks at the poor dog and it is believed Muñeca had survived by eating rats. Sadly, Vickie is also not in great health and has dogs of her own so is unable to take in all of her mother’s dogs.


Fortunately, Rachel Cannady, one of the God’s Dog Rescue volunteers has already managed to find new homes for Vera and Bruno. That leaves Light, Brandy, Mega and the unfortunate Muñeca still in need of loving homes. For now, the faithful and happy dogs sit lovingly beside Gloria in her bed. That is exactly where she wants them until her final moments. If you are in the area and looking for a loving companion or two, get hold of Jamesa Hill at Roxysrescue@yahoo.com. You will be doing a great deed for Gloria and getting a wonderful new pet.