Taiwan Becomes First Asian Country To Ban Dog And Cat Meat

Animals today have a small victory, Taiwan as officially banned eating dogs and cats! If caught doing so you could face major jail time, but it’s taking part in the trade that may see you paying much heftier fines.


The fines have been estimated between $1000 and $2 Million for buying, selling or eating of dog or cat meet in Taiwan. If you’re caught doing this more than once you’ll be sentenced to five years in prison. The hope is that other Asian countries will follow in Taiwan’s footsteps to make the change. The ban in Taiwan has led to public outrage as it’s likely to see a similar effect enacted in other countries.

The dog meat industry is a disgusting thing that’s not only cruel but is also brutal. The Human Society International and Animals Asia have been working for years to bring this to a stop attempting to free animals from these illegal farms. In a video posted regarding the new law that the Human Society International and Animals Asia are behind sees thousands of dogs and cats in tiny cages.

These creatures have no idea the fate that’s in store for them. This is, of course, the annual Dog Festival in Yulin, China. This festival has been the subject of much debate for its highly cruel acts of skinning, boiling and cutting open these dogs whilst they are still alive. The streets are littered with cages among cages of wild dogs waiting to be sold where they will be killed, cooked and eaten.

The festival has been the subject of an international outrage and many have attempted to put an end to it through thousands of petitions. Activist even go to the event to attempt to save some dogs by buying them, I heart breaking thing to see. Some dogs are even stolen from homes and are still wearing their collars. The meat is then served at most restaurants in the area during this 10-day hell fest.

Although the consumption of Dog and cat meat isn’t necessarily common across China, it is considered a delicacy in certain areas. There is no such thing as bad publicity it appears as over the years the festival has only grown in attendance. The Yulin government has even distanced itself away from this event and haven’t made any efforts to put an end to it. With no laws protecting animals in China there isn’t much that can be done to stop this, hopefully, an end is near for this disgusting festival.