Rescuers Left Speechless At This Obese Dog’s Weight, But Look At Him Now!

Far too often we hear of animals being chained up in harsh weather conditions, beaten, abandoned or emaciated. This isn’t one of those stories.


If anyone knows anything about beagles the thing to know about this story is that on average they should weigh between 22-25 pounds. Unfortunately, one dog in Chicago wasn’t aware there was an average size because he weighed a ridiculous 85 pounds.


Co-founder of One Tail at a time – which is an animal rescue organization in Chicago – stated the dog was surrendered to them. They were a little shocked, to say the least regarding the size of the dog and how much it weighed. Owen stated that in order to get him around he had to be wheeled in a wagon. Although you may be thinking what’s wrong with the owner how could they let this happen, the owner was rather old.


Most likely they weren’t even aware of what they were doing. This dog wasn’t being abused it was being loved far too much and spoiled, the owner wasn’t killing the dog with anything but kindness. It’s also important to know that the dog was given in, voluntarily in order to have a better healthier life. They named him Kale Chips and he’s roughly seven or eight-years-old.


It took a year to get him down to a healthy size but he achieved it and is now a healthy dog. Now weighing only 44 pounds Kale Chips is definitely going to be a lady killer. Kale chips even found a new home with new doggie siblings that keep him on his toes and now his life is completely different. It’s hard to hold the owner responsible as he/she was probably very confused and wasn’t even aware that she was over feeding him.


It’s easy to say the owner was abusive but this shows you that sometimes it’s not necessarily on purpose. We’re sure she loved her dog very much and eventually realized that maybe it was her fault he was as big as he was. Knowing she didn’t know how to save him she did the next best thing and give him a chance at a better life.