Little Girl Testifying Against Abuser Signals Her Dog As Soon As He Enters The Room

In life we’re faced with many difficult situations, sometimes children have to endure these situations that one wouldn’t even wish upon an adult let alone a child.


Going to court isn’t fun for anyone, especially when you’re testifying against someone who harmed you in any way. The fear that controls you can be crippling and can make it difficult to get the words out. So a genius idea was thought up, the K9 circuit program. This program uses dogs to help protect children who are called to the stand to testify. It’s hard to even imagine yourself in court let alone a child as they look their abuser in the eyes whilst being asked questions.


It can be a sticky situation where the look the defendant gives can actually sway the story of the victim out of guilt or fear. The K9 circuit program is there to prevent that from happening at all. Karl is a prime example of this task. Born deaf, Karl learned American Sign Language and moved to the K9 circuit project, transferring from ‘Companions for Courage which is located all the way in Orlando, Florida.


Karl is so important to the court just as the others in the K9 circuit project are. When he stays with the children during trials it provides them with the support that’s so needed during such a difficult time. In order to get facts straight from children, they need to be calm, being so close to someone that hurt you can trigger some tricky feelings that can cloud or conflict your judgment. With a dog like Karl around the children feel safer and a lot calmer.


This helps get the story straight and adds to putting away the guilty party. The K9 circuit program currently has six dogs involved who help not only children but also adults who take the stand. You wouldn’t think it’s so important but it is and Karl is just one of many loving dogs providing help to the little guys and girls who the suspect believe can be silenced. They were wrong. Since 2014 they’ve witness in over 23 cases. Go Karl and team!