Animals Suffer Because Zoo Is Caught In The Middle Of A Brutal War Zone

Syria is constantly on the news lately with the ongoing civil war and the devastating effect it is having on the people living there.


Something we do not get to see on the news reports and few people give a second thought to, is the suffering of the animals in the area, especially those trapped in cages in zoos. The civil war raging in Syria has claimed many lives. It is more than just the human suffering, spare a thought for the animals in the zoos. One that stands out is a zoo known as Aalim al-Shaar in the city of Aleppo.


There, the poor animals are feeling the devastating effects of the war as much, if not more in some cases, as the humans. After all, they are completely trapped in their tiny enclosures with nowhere to run or hide, they have no escape from the violence. War rages all around them as they cower in their cages. The worst part is all the staff have abandoned them with no one around to tend to them or even feed them. There is no one to clean and clear up, give them comfort or even a bowl of water.


The animals are suffering a great deal and many are already dying. Fortunately, the zoo owner eventually sought the assistance of an ambulance driver, Mohammad Alaa Jaleel. He agreed to help and made his way to the zoo immediately upon receiving the request. The sight that greeted him was shocking and Mohammed was devastated.
The few animals still alive were a few monkeys, two tigers and two bears.


The rest had already perished due to the effects of the war and the utter neglect. The few animals that had managed to survive were barely alive and all very near to death. The ambulance driver is doing all he can to assist and is bringing food in for them every day. Sadly, he is struggling to do this all alone as the rescue organizations are not prepared to go into a war zone to assist. Bravely, Alaa persists and is doing his best. There is talk of a plan to transport the remaining animals to Turkey.


This is neither quick nor easy and might not happen faster enough to save the animals. There is a Gattaro D’Aleppo Facebook page if you want to keep up to date on the situation of offer assistance in any way.