13 Year Old Boy Walks 3 Kilometers To Save Emaciated Puppy From Dying

In South Africa, in an underdeveloped poverty stricken area known as Delft, there is a story about a boy who walked two miles to save his dog. Delft is a dangerous area, high in crime and gang violence and isn’t to be taken lightly.


Not far off, just two miles away is a small community known as Klikkiesdorp where three women are doing their best to make the lives of animals better. Tin Can Town, which was founded by Rosie Kunneke, Stöckig and Clarina Hanekom, offers free medical services to local animals. They even offer to spay and neuter. A little boy in Delft was trying his hardest to nurse his puppy back to health; unfortunately, he wasn’t having much luck and couldn’t figure out why. The Puppy had bloody diarrhoea, could barely lift its head and was generally weak.


So this boy took the puppy and walked, walking 2 miles to Tin Can Town seeking help. The puppy was in horrible shape on arrival and the boy admitted he couldn’t afford food for her. One of the women from Tin Can Town told him they’d do everything to save his pup and would find her a new home. Dr Rozanne Visser of Tin Can Town confirms the puppy moved on to Sunset Beach Veterinary Clinic. They gave her the Nanuk and she was given medical care and attention almost immediately.


Things weren’t looking great as they found out she had deadly parvovirus and was given a feeding tube which continued to fade. When Nanuk met some kittens everything changed. Although it took a bit of time Nanuk is on the way to recovery. She’s now able to keep the food down and is beginning to gain a bit of weight. She’s a friendly dog who hasn’t lost any of her spirit. Once she’s healthy again they will search everywhere for Nanuk to find her forever home wherever that may be.


Nanuk has now found a reason to carry on, after losing hope she found it again and it’s all because of a few kind-hearted people and a few kittens was all it took.