Girl Wants To Take Photos With Puppy, But Puppy Has Something Else In Mind

It’s a very true that some people just don’t like photos like others do. Some people are just more photogenic than others looking flawless in every photo.


Then, you take a hundred photos but maybe two are good enough to use. Through the blinking or blank expressions are sometimes the best photo people. The truth is; that some people are born with it and some aren’t. You can’t run away from it either. Photos are always taken; sometimes during events like the first day of school, graduation, dances, pictures are taken. Photos are there to capture precious moments and help make memories last forever.


They keep records of your life and the things you’ve done; but remember, some people just don’t want like photos. Doobie, the puppy, is no different. Since Doobie is a puppy he’s still at the phase where she’s extremely cute. Doobie I guess just wasn’t in the mood because he clearly didn’t want pictures being taken of him. Kaycee Marie was on her way to prom and was obviously having pictures taken of her in her stunning gown.


All she wanted, was a picture with her adorable pup. The only problem is Doobie wasn’t interested, Doobie wanted to play and run around and roll in the dirt or just sleep in peace. So Doobie was rowdy and restless not allowing Kaycee a chance to take a nice picture with the puppy. He was desperately pushing Kaycee Marie away from him and trying to escape her clutches as quickly as possible.


Kaycee said that generally, she doesn’t have this problem generally saying that he often sits still but tonight he completely refused. After back and forths and many attempts, Kaycee Marie managed to convince her pup to behave for a moment until she finally got it. She took the picture with the dog and it was perfect. Her night was made even better because her dog was able to be a part of it.


Animals are such wonderful creatures and just like the Marie family we’re lucky to have them.