Kitten Rescued From Roadside Stuns Rescuers With His Magnificent New Mane!

A very sad and neglected cat was found abandoned on the side of a road in Japan in May 2016. It was in a poor state, covered in filth and soaking wet.


Who knows how long it had been out in the elements, fending for itself and just trying to survive. Fortunately, the two people that came across this poor kitty were good natured and rescued the sad young cat. If you look at the size of the cat in the palm in one of the guys hands, you can see just how small the poor little fella was. The two kindly good Samaritans took the cat home to care for and nurture the little cat.


The cat was taken to a vet for urgent attention and the cat was given medication and treated for an upper respiratory infection. It took some time but the combination of the medication from the vet and the love and care of the two people that found him, the cat slow but surely started to improve. As time passed you could see the cat getting better and better. The cat that was tiny when it was found took only a few weeks to double in weight.


To put that into perspective, when the poor cat was first found, he weighed a mere 200 grams, that less than half a block of butter. By the time he was five months old, he weighed a healthy 8.8 pounds. That is great progress in a short space of time and just goes to show what a little bit of love and care can achieve. He also learned to use the litter box. The cat that was initially timid and afraid, slowly came out of his shell and became more confident and started to show his true personality.


The little black cat started to mew and would often have ‘conversations’ his cares and other people it came into contact with. Apart from the growing confidence and weight gain, one of the most remarkable improvements was the cat’s coat. As he got healthier, he developed a longer, shiny coat with a thick fluffy tail to match. It now sports a striking gray mane.


Thank goodness there are still kind hearted people out there willing to help a poor, defenceless animal in need.