Senior Dog Abandoned For Being Too Old Walks Into An Office Looking For Help

In the streets of Athens, Greece a lonely dog lived a heart-breaking life. Tina was found alone, starving and also suffering from a series of injuries. She was desperate, she needed someone to help her, love her.


One day she was on the verge of the end. Her body couldn’t take any more of the pain. She managed to find her way into an office to rest. It wasn’t until Valia, an animal rescuer, became her saviour. After she placed the leash around Tina’s neck, she got up and followed her willing. It was like Tina knew, she knew this was it, she was finally being rescued. Tina absorbed all the love she was finally receiving, after so long of being alone and abandoned.


Tina was diagnosed with mange and also received medication. After some time Valia remembered the Russian shepherd she was born as 12 years ago. What truly broke Valia’s heart was that she learned of the family that owned Tina before and that her name was originally Lara. Thinking about the family abandoned her and gave little to no regard for this beautiful creature speaks volumes.


Tina has finally found happiness after years of solitude wandering the lonely streets of Athens. Abandoned animals is a global problem, millions and millions of dogs are bred and abandoned each year. Most die either on the streets from natural diseases, emaciation, hit by cars, being tortured, sold, used for dog fighting, eaten you name it. It’s a sad reality that we live in and it’s something to consider when getting a pet.


Go down to the local shelters and see what animals they have because guaranteed there are hundreds of dogs who need homes that will last a lifetime. You’ll find dogs that are apprehensive and are afraid, don’t turn your back on them. Everyone deserves to be happy and dogs and all animals are not different. Stricter laws should be made for animal owners all over the world to ensure that the proper precautions are made to protect these voiceless creatures.


Tina is one of the lucky ones although she suffered for so long, she gets to live and she gets another chance. Most don’t get to see another…