Teen Graduates High School With His Best Friend Who Saves His Life Every Single Day

Tyler McCready was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2012, Type 1 diabetes is a life changer. “One day we were in Missouri and suddenly I got really thirsty and started drinking a lot of water,” said Tyler.


“We went to the hospital and they checked my sugar. It was through the roof. They said I should’ve been in a coma, but I was lucky,” Tyler added. Our pancreas produces insulin, an extremely important hormone, insulin is vital as it enables the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, insulin is needed to survive. With type 1 diabetes the immune system attacks insulin producing cells in the pancreas, when this happens the pancreas no longer produces insulin.


Monitoring of the blood sugar level must be done very carefully, if it drops to low or spikes the individual could be in grave danger. Tyler McCready has Sinatra, his diabetic alert dog, a service dog specially trained to assist monitor Tyler’s blood sugar levels before it’s too late… Service dogs can be trained to detect smells in the breath of humans that signal drops in the blood sugar. The dog then alerts the human to take immediate action.


Because of Sinatra specialised training, Sinatra has helped save Tyler McCreadys life many times over the years. “That dog needs a Ph.D.,” his dad, Jerry McCready, added. “He will call him and alert him to let him know his sugar is dropping. Usually, the dog is quicker than his diabetic equipment.” Sinatra has also helped Tyler not only help keep track of his blood sugar, but also overcome depression due to his illness.


Tyler and Sinatra are inseparable, going to classes each day, they have become well known on campus, Sinatra is so well known that he appears in the schools yearbook. Tyler recently graduated from high school with his best pal Sinatra by his side, both wore graduation gowns, Tyler made sure Sinatra’s outfit looked the part on the big day. “He’s been here since 10th grade, so he’s earned it,” said Jerry McCready, Tyler’s dad.


McCready is to attend college at Full Sail University in Florida this fall, and wants his best friend Sinatra with him.